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​​SWAMP stands for Solid Waste Area Management Project.

SWAMP is a Class 1 Landfill that was established in 1996. It services the City of Winkler, City of Morden & RM of Stanley. All garbage from these communities is collected and disposed off at SWAMP.


Although SWAMP is an acronym for Solid Waste Area Management Project, it also stands for something else too! 

Most people think that a landfill (just like a SWAMP!) is a scary, foreboding and unattractive place. But they both provide benefits to all life. A SWAMP is critical in providing clean air, whereas a landfill is needed to store the waste humans create. Eventually a landfill will grow over and become green, beautiful hills for children to play on.
That doesn't mean we can throw everything into a landfill! We need to learn how to reuse, reduce, recycle and compost so we don't release harmful chemicals into the air. We at the landfill strive for a cleaner, greener place -  much like a SWAMP.
To show our committment to the environment, our logo is focused on the SWAMP theme. It represents the green, clean and environmentally responsible efforts that a SWAMP stands for. 




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