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SWAMP has been praised for its excellent yard,  it is divided into multiple sections. 


  • Commercial Tipping Area (requires the wearing of P.P.E.)

  • Residential Area includes:

    • General Waste Bins​

    • Recycle Bins

    • Metal Bins

  • Farm Pesticide/Chemical Container bins/drop off area 

  • Mattress Collection Containers:

    • Mattresses/box springs are shipped out (to be recycled into dog beds).

    • Electronic items are recycled

    • Freon Items are sent to have the compressors removed.

  • Chip It Area - for wood/lumber/trees destined to be chipped for our use

  • Burn Area - for ash, grass, leaves and items not acceptable for chipping.

  • Tire drop off

  • Contaminated soil

  • Concrete pieces

  • Vac Truck Dumping Areas

  • Deep Burial available for contaminated seed, fine paint/sand, asbestos & powder coat. 


When bringing a combination of these items, the scale operator will advise customers where they go, and customers are required to drop off the waste in the appropriate places.


SWAMP does not collect, transport, or separate waste from residential, commercial, industrial, construction or demolition sectors. 


Residents of City of Winkler, City of Morden and RM of Stanley are able to drop off their own waste during SWAMP’s business hours. Tipping fees vary depending on waste type and weight. Residents of other towns or RMs (e.g. Carman, RM of Rhineland) are able to use SWAMP as well, but are charged accordingly. See pricing HERE.


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