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  • All vehicles must be properly secured and covered when transporting waste to SWAMP. Uncovered loads will have a surcharge of $60.00

  • All Commercial Drivers (or anyone getting out of the vehicle in the Commercial Tipping area) must wear steel toed boots & high viz vests.

  • Smoking, E-cigs, and Vaping are prohibited on S.W.A.M.P. Landfill property due to safety risks and fire hazard.

  • Children and pets must remain inside the vehicles to avoid accidents with other vehicles, or landfill equipment.

Please Note:
As of January 1st, 2010 all rates include a $10.00 per tonne WRARS levy which SWAMP submits to the Province. (WRARS = Waste Reduction and Recycling Support) The Province then rebates most of this money (80%) to communities which have recycling programs and the rest is used for hazardous waste programs, e-waste programs and for general promotion of recycling programs.



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