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Pembina Valley Containers, or MCC


Gateway Resources (Microwaves only) or MCC


RM of Stanley:
SWAMP Landfill
With freon - $41.50
Without freon - $9.00


Please Note:
MB Hydro Fridge Retirement Program
If your fridge is 15% years old, 10cu ft or later, and in working condition, they will come pick up for fridge and you will recieve %50!
Call 1-855-FRIDGE for more details

Auto Parts

Morden:  Pembina Valley Containers (Oil Only), TJ Auto, Pembina Valley Chrysler, Eds, Freund, Sunvally RV, Rural Repair Ltd (All Tires Only!)

Winkler: Denray Tires, Kroeker Machinary, Bill Peter, Junction Rv (All Tires Only!), City Hall (Oil, Antifreeze)


Please Note:
SWAMP Landfill collects tires and scrap metal as well.


Morden:  Home Hardware, Pembina Valley Containers, Access Event Centre

Winkler: Staples, Gateway Resources, Canadian Tire, Start N Charge


Please Note:
Cellphone batteries, aklaline, single/rechargeable and lead-acid batteries are all accepted


Morden:  MCC

Winkler: MCC


Please Note:
Bicycles in good, working condition only for donation.
Bicycles can also be donated to "Bicycles for Humanity" in Winnipeg, contact Travis Liewick


Morden:  MCC, Pembina Valley Containers

Winkler: MCC, Gateway Resources


Please Note:
Books and Magazines can be placed in curbside recycling, if not suitable for donation. 

Building Supplies


Penner Waste collects wood, drywall, shingles, cement, metal and pallets


RM of Stanley:

Cement, metal and clean wood can be brought to SWAMP

CD/DVD/Video Games

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Waste Disposal Options

Majority of items do not have to end up in the landfill! Look at this list and see where you can bring your waste, instead of just throwing it out. Don't see your item listed? Email us!

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