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Dunston Village Recycling Pilot Project


Residents in Dunston Village will be participating in a 6 month pilot project. This project is to implement recycling within the community.


Every tuesday, curbside recycing and garbage pick up will be happening,

Please place your recycables in clear or blue bags. There is no limit on bags of recycabes


Please place your garbage in black bags. There is a 2 bag limit.


SWAMP will be delivering recycle bags and brochures with more information in the near future. You will also be asked to complete a short survey.


The follow items can be recycled:

- Plastic (soda bottles, water bottles, milk containers, detergent containers, plastic cups, food trays, etc)

- Paper

- Aluminium (soda cans, etc)

- Tin cans

- Cardboard and boxbard (cereal boxes, etc)


Any questions, contact Jessica at SWAMP


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