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SWAMP Continuing with Waste Diversion Implementation Plan

SWAMP'S Waste Diversion Implementation Plan will likely see data collected last summer and connections made with area businesses proceed beyond paper this year. Altona's Jessica Klassen has been hired again this year as the Waste Diversion Developer at the SWAMP Landfill.

"Now that we have our numbers together and we have support from the community, we really want to give the community opportunities to divert waste. So this year I'll be working with some business owners, some residents, and really implement some of our waste diversion strategies," said Klassen. Klassen says she received good response from businesses she met with last summer. "We spent the first year talking with the businesses and asking if they're willing to work with us in the future, which they were. With those businesses we developed some goals and wrote up some proposals I hope we can continue in year two."

The goal this year is to work with businesses, and make it easier for those that recycle mostly paper to expand their recycling practices. Klassen adds they also want to work with residents to promote recycling and composting.

Klassen says she hopes to announce the start of a number of pilot projects in the area soon.

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