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SWAMP Pilot Projects Diverting More Waste from Landfill

A number of pilot projects are underway through SWAMP's Waste Diversion Implementation Plan. Program Developer Jessica Klassen says one of the bigger projects is at a Tamarack construction site in Morden. Since November the company has been recycling things like shingles, drywall, wood, metal, cardboard and hazardous waste.

"Eighty percent of construction material is typically recyclable, and they have found that most of their items are being recycled instead of ending up in the landfill," said Klassen.

To date the Tamarack project has diverted nine-thousand pounds of waste from the landfill. Klassen says the site's garbage bin used to be emptied once a week and since Jessica Klassen (file photo)November it's been emptied only twice.

Two trailer parks in Morden are also con

ducting a pilot project, both implementing recycling for a six month period. Klassen says one trailer park is offering curb side pick-up and the other has an on-site bin to bring recyclables to.

Klassen says residents are very excited to have this option open to them.

SWAMP landfill and Green Manitoba is covering the cost of the pilot projects for six months with the exception of the Tamarack project, which will have its costs covered until the end of construction.

As for the two trailer park pilot projects, Klassen says they will re-evaluate at the end of the six months. She says they'll talk them through the costs likely to be incurred, and discuss whether they're willing to continue recycling without the funding.

Klassen adds 507 Main Street in Winkler, a commercial condo building, has also undertaken a pilot project. Until now the building's tenants only had garbage pick-up. Klassen says a larger recycling bin has been placed outside and a smaller garbage bin. She says they hope to see that transition to less garbage and more recycling.

One of the goals of SWAMP's Waste Diversion Implementation Plan this year is to work with businesses, and make it easier for those that recycle mostly paper to expand their recycling practices. Klassen adds they also want to work with residents to promote recycling and composting.

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